Special Occasion Cakes

Our special occasion Naked Cakes are exposed layers of delicious flavours, held together by natural toppings and unfrosted edges. The different textures and colours are visible, allowing our pastry chefs to choose natural elements which add to the beauty of the cake.





Passion fruit with Raspberries & White Chocolate. Vanilla sponge, passion fruit curd and white chocolate cream, with a handful of fresh raspberries on top.


Salted Caramel, Buttercream & Popcorn, layers of chocolate cake are held together by homemade sticky salted caramel glaze.


Lemon Curd with Italian Meringue. Vanilla sponge with lemon curd filling, topped with Italian meringue and semi-smothered in lemon buttercream.

Our Naked Cakes can be ordered 12 hours in advance.

To place an order or for more information call reservations on 04 362 7312

or email reservations@seanconnollydubai.com